Z-PBM 1025

Product Description
Z-PBM 1025 - Fully Automatic

Machine Z-PBM 1025 manufactures 10 hollow block of 20x20x40 at one time and 25 interlocking paving stones of 163x198x80. For all products manufactured with a specially designed vibrator system and 4-point mold support system, it is capable of applying maximum compression without length difference, maximizing the quality of manufacture. 

ZENG, together with the customer, develops specific designs depending on the available space in the customer’s location, and develops different installation designs. 

Control System
Full Automatic / PLC Control System
Hourly Output
1875 pcs. 20 x 20 x 40 blok - 700 m2 Paving Blocks
Width of Machine
2450 mm
Pallet Dimensions
Footed Pallet: 1150 x 950 x 45 mm
Electrical System
Schneider – Siemens-ABB
Hourly Output
11 kw x2
Length of Machine
7200 mm
Height of Machine
3100 mm
Minimum Manufacturing Height
60 mm
Maximum Manufacturing Height
240 mm
Hydraulic Pressure
200 - Bar
Operating Pressure
140 -Bar
203 kw