Z-BM 18

Product Description
Z-BM 18 - Full Automatic

Machine Z-BM 18 manufactures 18 hollow block of 20x20x40 at one time. It is capable of manufacturing hollow block in any size by changing the mold. For all products manufactured with a specially designed vibrator system and 4-point mold support system, it is capable of applying maximum compression without length difference, maximizing the quality of manufacture.

Control System
Full Automatic / PLC Control System
Hourly Output
3125 pcs. 20 x 20 x 40 blok
Width of Machine
2800 mm
Pallet Dimensions
Footed Pallet: 1450 x 1350 x 50 mm
Electrical System
Schneider – Siemens-ABB
Hourly Output
11 kw x3
Length of Machine
4860 mm
Height of Machine
3400 mm
Minimum Manufacturing Height
60 mm
Maximum Manufacturing Height
240 mm
Hydraulic Pressure
200 - Bar
Operating Pressure
140 -Bar
180 kw